(Updated) Paytm PEPSI offer : Get Rs 15 or Rs 20 Paytm cash on Every pack of PEPSI

Paytm PEPSI offer :- Paytm Is With An Loot Offer In Which you can Get Rs 15 or Rs 20 Paytm cash on every pack PEPSI bottle. A user can redeem this offer 1 times per Paytm wallet account. This Paytm Pepsi Offer is valid in India from 15th Mar 2016 to 31st August 2016. Multi serve PET bottle (1L, 1.2L, 1.5L,1.75L,2L, 2.25L) which is giving Rs 20 Paytm cash code. Just follow the Steps to redeem this offer:-

How to Get Rs 15 Paytm cash from Paytm Pepsi Offer ?

1) Firstly goto your Nearest General Store (Make sure your General Store have updated Products)

2) Note:- Please Check this Offer Must be Mention on Paytm Pepsi Pack. (See image below)

2) Now Buy Pepsi Brand cold drink.

3) After purchasing the Product, look for the 12 digit code (“Code”) printed on the back of the label.

4) SMS Unique code behind the Pepsi label to 9888798003.

4) Once you got the unique coupon then Note down and Now we can use it to get Rs 15 Paytm cash.

5) Please use Only “Android Chrome browser” or “PC/Laptop” for this offer otherwise it will not work.

How to Redeem this coupon at Paytm?

1) Now goto Paytm Pepsi offer Page

2) Enter your Unique Cash code which you got from via SMS.

3) Login / Sign up your Paytm account.

4) That’s it amount get added to your Paytm wallet instantly. You can use it for your Mobile Recharge & Bill Payment.

5) Goto Paytm Website Here

6) Enter your Mobile number, operator, amount.

7) Proceed to Recharge and pay the amount using your Paytm wallet. That’s it your Recharge get done instantly.

Terms & Conditions:-

1) Participation in this Promotion namely, Paytm Pepsi Offer (“Offer”) is purely voluntary and optional. This Offer is not valid in conjunction with any other Offer. www.paytm.com/pepsi Products also available without this Offer. By participating in this Paytm Pepsi Offer, each participant is deemed to have accepted these terms and conditions.

2) This Paytm Pepsi Offer is being conducted by PepsiCo India Holdings Private Limited (“PEPSI”) in association with One97 Communications Ltd.’s (“One97 or Paytm”) (collectively referred to as Organizer) on One97’s platform, namely www.Paytm.com (‘website’), for Products defined hereinafter www.paytm.com/pepsi.

3) This Paytm Pepsi Offer is valid in India from 15th Mar 2016 to 31st August 2016 (‘Offer Period’) on purchase of beverage sold by Pepsi under the brand name ‘Pepsi’, in sizes of multi serve PET bottle (1L, 1.2L, 1.5L,1.75L,2L, 2.25L), and single serve PET bottle (400ml, 500ml, 600, 750 ml), on which the Campaign is applicable, bearing Pay TM logo hereinafter referred to as “Product”.

4) The Paytm Pepsi Offer is valid for the citizens of India (except the employees and family members of PEPSI and One97, their associate companies, their joint venture partners, its co-packers, their distributors, their agents, their advertising and promotional agencies and their auditors.)

5) After purchasing the Product, look for the 12 digits code (“Code”) printed on the inner laminate label of the Product. After getting this Paytm Pepsi Code, the participant can participate in the Offer in the following manner and avail Paytm Cash. www.paytm.com/pepsi Paytm cash is the term used to define Paytm cash that participant gets when he applies the code on Paytm website .

6) The cash earned this way is stored in the Paytm wallet and is used to purchase products/do recharges on Paytm website only. No cash would be given in lieu of Paytm cash.

7) Log on to www.paytm.com/pepsi.

8) Enter the Code printed on the inner laminate pack (12-Digit Code).

9) Register/ Sign in to your Paytm to add Paytm Cash as per following table to your Paytm wallet within  24 hours.

Paytm Pepsi Cash amount:-

1) Single Serve Pet Bottle = Rs 15 Paytm cash.

2) Multiple Serve Pet Bottle = Rs 20 Paytm cash.

10) Transact through Paytm to use this money for mobile recharge/ bill payment/ shopping etc.

11) The Code cannot be redeemed after the expiry of the Offer Period.

12) This Paytm Pepsi Offer is not valid in conjunction with any other Offer.

13) Products also available without this Offer. Participation is optional. By participating in this Offer, each participant is deemed to have accepted all the terms and conditions.

14) In case of any conflict between terms and conditions printed on the pack/insert/voucher and the website, terms and conditions printed on website shall prevail.

15) Participants can buy all products and services offered on Paytm.com or Paytm app with the cash they collect in their Paytm wallet.

16) In case user purchases a product or service that is greater in value than the amount of cash user has collected in Paytm wallet, user would have to pay for the differential amount through any of the payment means available/accepted on Paytm Pepsi. www.paytm.com/pepsi It can be used to purchase talktime or DTH recharge or purchase of physical goods after accumulation of Paytm Cash in the Paytm wallet.

17) Actual recharge will vary as per the top-up plan of the respective operator and is subject to applicable taxes and levies. www.paytm.com/pepsi Postpaid users may pay any postpaid bill on Paytm, only if they are paying their entire outstanding bill amount. Paytm/PEPSI does not take any responsibility for partial bill payment being rejected by Post paid users’ operator/service provider. If Post paid users’ bill amount is higher than Paytm cash he/she has in his/hers account, he/she will need to pay for the balance amount through any of the payment modes/means accepted on Paytm Pepsi.

18) The Code cannot be redeemed after the expiry of the Offer Period and you agree to waive off right of redemption on the date of expiry of Offer Period.

19) Paytm cashback offered as part of this offer is non-transferrable, non-refundable; and no physical cash payment will be made in lieu of this. www.paytm.com/pepsi At any stage, PEPSI and/or Paytm reserves their right to call upon the Participant to submit any document for verification of identity as per its sole discretion.

20) Neither PEPSI nor Paytm.com will be liable for any delay in actual redemption under this Offer reflecting in the customers’ account.

21) Paytm and PEPSI will not be responsible for any loss or damage to the Code.

22) At any time Paytm and/or PEPSI reserves the right to update and/or amend all or any of these terms without further notice.

23) PEPSI and/or Paytm reserves the right to cancel, change or substitute Offer at any time without any prior notice.

24) PEPSI and/or Paytm may require participants to participate in promotional activities (such as publicity and photography), free of charge, and he/she consents to the usage of his/her name, photograph, film recording, portrait, picture, voice, likeness and biographical information for media coverage, news or information and for advertising or promotional purposes in any media for an unlimited period without remuneration. www.paytm.com/pepsi The foregoing license shall survive any termination or expiration of this Paytm Offer.

25) The participant waives conditions of DND register by participating in the contest.

26) All customer related queries for this Offer can be addressed to http://paytm.com/care or + 91- 120-3062244

27) In case the customer finds a promotion pack without code and files a complaint for the same or approaches the company with this complaint. www.paytm.com/pepsi . In that case the Organizers liability would be limited to providing the complainant with a new promo pack to enable him to participate in the promotion as per T&C.

28) The complainant cannot demand any monetary or other compensation for the same.

29) Paytm/PEPSI accepts no responsibility for any tax implications that may arise from the offer.

30) Participants will have to bear incidental costs, if any, that may arise for redemption of the prize.

31) The Offer is being conducted under the supervision of independent auditors.

32) Paytm is the registered trademark of ONE97 which is Providing Paytm Pepsi offer.

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